Unity co-founder quits to become indie developer


Nicholas Francis, co-founder of Unity, has up sticks and left the company he helped create to make games instead of building game-making software. Seeing the creations coming out of the production houses that have adopted Unity, Francis says, has “made me realize that I have games I want, no need, to make!”

Francis co-founded Unity a decade ago with David Helgason, and Joachim Ante. Their engine quickly gained a devoted following as it provided a workspace tailored to web and mobile games. However, in the blog post announcing his departure,Francis continues”As great as it has been building Unity, I have come to feel that actually using it is what really scratches my itch. […] So I will be leaving Unity in order to join your ranks and dedicate myself to creating games.”

He ends saying “This has not been an easy choice – in fact, it has been one of the hardest ones in my life. I am infinitely proud of everything I’ve been part of building, proud of the team, and proud of having a tiny part of me in all your games. So proud that I can’t wait to experience Unity from the other side of the fence.”

I can’t wait to see what Francis has been cooking up in his noggin.

Cheers, GamesIndustry.biz.