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Verdun enters open beta; take to the trenches this WWI squad-based shooter


Outside of strategy games, the First World War doesn’t often make its way into games. Verdun aims to change that by setting its squad-based shooting tomfoolery deep in the trenches.

The game entered open beta today, letting all and sundry take part in what you could consider to be Battlefield 1942: Origins.*

There’s a great deal to work with in the WWI setting: the maps, no man’s land lined with trenches, could be quite unlike those found in other games – any assault over open ground will put you in a vulnerable position but allows you to storm the enemy, while trench warfare reduces the advantage of any attacks made with greater numbers.

Plus, with the team have going for authenticity over balance your weapons will be inaccurate and unreliable, they will still be powerful though. One-shot kills are the nature of the beast in Verdun.

If you want to try out the game in beta then head on over to Verdun’s official site and get signed up.

Cheers, RPS.

*You probably shouldn’t though, they’re quite different games.