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Want more voxel-based building games? Timber and Stone is about to sail through Kickstarter


With a day to go on its Kickstarter campaign, Timber and Stone has raised $78,498, making its original target of $50,000 a distant memory. A real-time strategy game of city-building and defense, it’s inspired as much by by Age of Empires and Ceasar as it is Dwarf Fortress and Minecraft.

You can ogle some screenshots and alpha footage over on the game’s official site, while the Kickstarter can be found right here. $15 gets you a copy of the game upon release early next year, while twice that will see the developer look the other way as you sneak into the beta and to build workshops and collect berries. If, like me, you haven’t collected berries in a game since Enviro-Bear 2000, then this could be one to keep an eye on.