The War Z footage displays solitude, a fireman’s hat, buildable barricades, and bugs. Seems an awful lot like DayZ


DayZ hinted at the zombie game we always wanted, a pervasive world where we could starve, become ill, and, of course, face off against hordes of the walking dead – all while under threat from your fellow player. Well, The War Z is taking a run at the same idea with slightly different emphasises, the space between spawning to armed survivor is shorter. And the guns, once you have them, are more customisable.

Why am I telling you all this when I can just show you?

GameSpot picked up this footage, but they won’t say where from. Suspicious, no?

Developers Hammerpoint opted for the CryEngine over DayZ’s ArmA 2 technology. That weapon customisation screen is a recognisable hangover from the Crysis games.

The drop down barricades are a snazzy addition and something DayZ’s Rocket has promised himself. His version is more extensive, underground bases and the like.

It’s not all good features, though. There are a number of visual bugs, the main character and zombies stuttering back and forth as though lagging. The animations too like physicality. For a game that’s planning to launch in the coming months it looks a little sparse. Still, DayZ’s been bugged to hell since release and is still phenomenally popular.

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