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WARFRAME dev diary gets us up close with two of the game’s exoskeletons


Teleporting space ninjas. That’s all it takes to get me excited for a project. Yet until now, the only game to have come close to my dream was Plain Sight. Happily, Digital Extremes have torn my quivering hope desire (not a euphimism) from my body and turned it into a four player co-op romp.

They’ve released a video showing off two of the space ninjas in action. You’ll have to hop over the break to catch it though.

Awkward staged roundtable aside, it looks nifty. If their talk of leaving the game open for players to exploit with the powers on hand holds true then it could make for an excellent multiplayer game. Especially witheight different characters to choose from, each with a range of powers lending themselves to different sorts of play.

Also, I can only imagine using Loki’s Switch Teleport to drop my friends off cliffs – diving into a pit and swapping places with them at the last moment before impact.

For a little more context on the game check out the first in this series of videos:

WARFRAME is due out within the next few months. It’s currently in aclosed beta which you can still sign up for.