Wasteland 2 divulges its features in eighteen minute video


Wasteland 2 is one of Kickstarter’s most successful projects, and InXile’s lead Chris Keenan has posted a video today that shows exactly why the game’s backers probably knew they were on to a good thing. In an eighteen minute walkthrough of the game’s prison level, you can see a great chunk of the game’s main mechanics in action. 

Keenan narrates the video with some commentary on how the conversation system leads to short and long-term effects, with certain dialogue choices resulting in reactions immediately, whilst others will take hours to reveal their pay-off. There’s also a good look at Wasteland’s tactical turn based combat system, which makes use of a well-implemented cover system.

Wasteland 2 is due out this year, provided InXile finish it. I really hope they do though, because this looks like a gem.

Thanks, Rock, Paper, Shotgun.