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Wasteland 2 has nearly 50 locations and a 20 hour main campaign


Doubling the size of Fallout 2, Wasteland 2 will apparently have between 40 and 50 locations. Which goes someway to explaining why the main quest alone is likely to set you back 20 hours. This information, and a good deal more, comes following a mammoth preview in the latest issue of GamestarWasteland 2 Guru have summarised all the main bits of information released in the article and we’ve summarised the summary.

It’s games journalism in action.

If you’re sensitive to spoilers I warn you there’s mention of different faction groups you’ll come across in the game below.

Along with the bits about the game’s size and length, core underlying systems have been confirmed, such as the CLASSIC skill system (Charisma, Luck, Awareness, Strength, Speed, Intelligence, and Coordination). There are also 32 skills to choose from in the game:

  • Combat skills: Blunt Weapons, Bladed Weapons, Anti-Tank-Weapons, SMG, Shotguns, Energy Weapons, Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifle, Handguns

  • Scientific skills: Picklock, Safecrack, Alarm Disarm, Toaster Repair, Computer Tech, Synth Tech, Demolitions, Brute Force

  • General skills: Silent Move, Salvaging, Hard Ass, B.S. Detector, Outdoorsman, Evasion, Leadership, Folklore, Animal Whisperer, Field Medic, Surgeon, Weapon Smithing, Field Stripping, Perception, Barter

One little tidbit that stands out is that energy weapons will do damage proportional to the amount of metal the victim is wearing. Essentially, your gun heats the metal in their armour and cooks them inside. Yum.

A number of factions were also revealed; a cannibal group called the Mannerites; a ranger-hating paramilitary group called the Red Skorpions; the are-exactly-what-they-sound-like Pistol Packing Priests; a group of synths going by the name of Children of the Citadel; the frankly brilliant sounding Gippers, which are worshippers of Ronald Reagan; a family of motivational speakers called the Robinsons; and the Wrecking Crew, essentially the psychos from Borderlands.

Wasteland 2 is due to enter beta this October.

Cheers, VG247.