Wasteland 2 video shows in-game footage and whole lot of scene setting


I’m a sucker for fake radio broadcasts. It’s so easy to spot faked video, so many little details that need to be got right for us not to spot a fraud, radio is different; there’s less material for us to pick over so that means there is less for the creator to get right.

InXile have got these ones right.

Below is a 17 minute video of Wasteland 2, made up radio broadcasts, concept art, and a whole lot of in-game footage.

The video of the game doesn’t kick off till the three minute mark but from there on out it’s all in-game.

It’s a little eerie seeing a UI much akin to the original Fallout titles but in an otherwise very modern game.

The flow of the game is what I’m most taken with. While Wasteland 2 is a turn-based game played on a hex grid it seems to be running much faster than you would traditionally find with these games. Brian Fargo talked about this process not too long ago. One example of a change that he detailed thatwe then see in this video is having all the enemy characters play their turn at the same time as opposed to running through them sequentially. It just saves time.

Looking forward to seeing more in future dev diaries.

Thanks, VG247.