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Wasteland 2 video shows its cluttered but smart inventory


While the video is brief, Inxile show off Wasteland 2’s inventory system in all its cluttered glory. Controlling separate item lists for up to seven characters was never going to be an easy task, and the developer has included a number of features help with organisation, but, those considered, it still looks a tad overwhelming.

Wasteland 2’s inventory’s an odd one, on the one hand it looks like Inxile have managed to keep the number of button clicks and sub menus to a minimum, that’s always a plus considering how much of a timesuck it can be equipping multiple characters when navigating tier upon tier of nested menus; but, on the other, they’ve filled out the screen space with loads of different windows showing information in different forms – there’s object previews, text, icons, numbers, lists, grids – making it all a bit much to take in.

It may make perfect sense when playing with but to watch someone go through the menus in a video had me a little lost.

Cheers, PC Gamer.