We’ve had 150 Steam keys for FPS space-sport Epigenesis, but we’ve run out. Sorry


Update: Sorry! The current batch of keys has expired, but we’re talking to the devs to get some more. Keep one unwavering eye trained on this page.

Look, this is a bit awkward, but do you think you could find a use for 150 Steam alpha keys? I’ve been trying to psyche out Make Something Unreal winners Dead Shark Triplepunch, you see. Things escalated, and I might have told them that I had 300 limbs with which to beat them at their own game.

I don’t, and the N in PCGamesN stands for never-ever-back-down – so what I need you to do is be my other 298 limbs. The good news is that the keys allow access to the most elegant new multiplayer FPS since Tribes Ascend.

Epigenesis is an imagined future-sport, in which you must punt a ball toward a raised goal using your gusty air-gun. You need not punt your competitors into the abyss below the suspended platforms that make up its pitch, but that kind of behaviour is absolutely encouraged. I know this, because I was there when DST applied the last licks of paint to their Make Something Unreal build at the Gadget Show 2013.

That was the week tornadoes were implemented, incidentally:

All highly entertaining stuff. And all with the backing of the Wellcome Trust, which as former PCGamesN launch editor Dan Griliopoulos points out, makes it HARD SCIENCE. To get in on that, Like our Facebook page, and send us a private message asking for an Epigenesis key. After that, ensure you have private messaging turned on, sit back and wait for us to reply (while stocks last).

I suspect you know the drill from there. It goes like this: click to ‘Add a game’ in your Steam client, select ‘Activate a product on Steam’, and then copy the code into the appropriate box.

Then it’s all about the abyss-punting – the anti rocket-jump. Let us know how you get on, yeah?