Windforge has airships powered by sky whales

Windforge Snowed In Studios

Airplanes may have won in the contest for most practical air transport but, dammit, airships are just more majestic. What better way to build on their majesty than fuelling them with oil from nature’s most majestic creation, the whale? That’s a question Snowed In Studios asks in Windforge.

The game takes place in a world running off the fat fish’s black fuel and it’s running out. You’re tasked with finding an alternative source.

Windforge looks to be a strange blend of different games. The 2D mining smacks of Terraria, the combat looks closer to Capsized, and the airship design and combat is something like Guns of Icarus. Though, comparing it to all those games doesn’t capture the whole of what Windforge is.

Even its feature list only hints at what the game is like:

  • Contra style action mixed with the freedom and flexible play of Minecraft

  • Large completely destructible procedural world with multiple environment types

  • Build and fly fully-functional airships

  • Over 500 craftable items

  • Easy-to-control, skill-based combat with 360-degree aiming

  • Epic story line and quests that drive gameplay without constricting freedom

  • The first game to include minable sky whales, and meat blocks!

To know whether all the game’s disparate elements gel we’ll have to play it. While Windforge isn’t out till March, Kickstarter backers have had their hands on a prerelease build since last month. Now, if you preorder the game through Snowed In’s website, you too can play the game.

Having recently being Greenlit on Steam, don’t be surprised if Windforge appears on Steam Early Access in the near future.