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Wizardry/Jagged Alliance’s Brenda Braithwaite and Doom/Anachronox’s Tom Hall are Kickstarting an old-school RPG, or two

The Doom Cyberdemon.

That’s one old-school RPG if Loot Drop’s Kickstarter project reaches its initial goal of $1,000,000, and two if it hits $1,900,000, with each to be developed separately – one designed by Braithwaite, one designed by Hall.

A little background – Loot Drop are a 30-strong US team founded in 2010, and also the current enclave of id refugees John Romero and Tom Hall, as well as Sir-Tech veteran Brenda Braithwaite. Their most recent title was none-more-hardcore Facebook game Ghost Recon Commander which, although hamstrung by its platform, played like an eager niece/nephew of Jagged Alliance.

There’s a reason for that. Braithwaite worked on Jagged Alliance in the late ‘80s, as well as the Wizardry series and Realms of Arkania.

“Loot Drop’s Old School RPG harkens back to the days when RPGs were king, where you’ll gather your bearings and belongings, leave town and embark on an incredible journey in a world that seems at once welcoming and friendly,” says the developer. “Until you meet its dark side….”

If the project reaches its stretch goal of two RPGs, both games will dovetail in what sounds like a perpetual reactivity trap, whereby each game’s ending provides new beginnings for the other.

“We hope to get to that stretch goal — the design and gameplay possibilities are so intriguing,” says Braithwaite.

Hall agrees. “Having a great love for the multiple endings and character choice of Chrono Trigger and the old-school cool of importing your characters from previous game, if we get to make two RPGs, this will be even more special and fun!”

Take a gander at Old School RPG’s Kickstarter pitch, which features an unwilling cameo from Notch and the promise that the game will be delivered personally by Romero, Braithwaite, and Hall on a red velvet pillow at Disneyland to one lucky pledger.

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