Worms Revolution preorder opens on Steam, Worms Armegeddon added as a perk


If we were being nationalistic about these things, then Counter-Strike is to America what Worms is to Britain: the die hard players will squabble over the minor differences between iterations, it’s a series greatly enhanced with drinking games, and one thing that we can all agree on is that the one-shot isn’t sporting, be it a Magnum sniper or a concrete donkey.

So the news that the new Worms game, Worms Revolution, has wormed its way onto Steam in the form of a preorder is something to be celebrated.

What do you get with it? Well, you’ll have to click that there “Read and Comment” button.

Lifted right fromthe store page, here’s what your £11.99 will get you:

  • Full Game –Worms Armageddon– fan-favorite, available to download and play right now.
  • Worms Revolution Exclusive Fort – add an exclusive fort to your collection.
  • Worms Revolution Exclusive Hats – customize your Worms with either devil horns or a halo.
  • Worms Revolution Exclusive Gravestones – mark where your heroic worms have fallen with either lightning bolt or angel wings gravestones.
  • Worms Revolution Bonus Campaign Missions – test your skills even further with five extra single-player missions.

  • Worms Revolution Exclusive Speechbanks – change what your worms say, choose from Wild Life Documenter or Reality TV Talent Judge.

[Emphasis my own].

The cheeky buggers at Team 17 have also gone and aped EA with their Battlefield 3 Premium packs. You can buy a Worms Revolution season pass, getting the four planned DLC packs (including a level editor) for around £10.

It gets you:

The Worms Revolution Season Pass includes access to four brand new DLC Packs (The Level Editor, Funfair Pack, Mars Pack and Medieval Tales) for Worms Revolution as they become available. The DLC packs are scheduled to be released following the game’s launch through December 2012.”

Lovely stuff.

Worms Revolution isIncoming! on the 10th October.