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Xenonauts beta set to release before XCOM: Enemy Unknown on 9th October


That’s fighting calendar-marking alright, but Xenonauts mastermind Chris England’s game is born not of arrogance but pragmatism: “Not only will I be busy for a couple of days playing it after the 9th, it’ll cause another surge of interest in our game (as X-Com will cause a surge of interest in the genre) so it makes sense for us to be looking our best when it does arrive.”

As a result, Goldhawk Interactive have put together a plan: Three Builds to Beta! They’re already halfway through, with the second of three builds due out in the next couple of weeks.

Xenonauts beta will be feature-complete, playable from start to finish, and while a rather modest England admits it won’t “initially be a very good game”, the team’s efforts in bugfixing, polishing and balancing will begin in earnest on October 10th.

See England’s post on the Xenonauts site for details on what’s coming in the next two builds.