Infinite Crisis introduces Atomic Wonder Woman


Well Wonder Woman seems to have got a little more aggressive since I last read anything with her in. Turbine have announced that Atomic Wonder Woman will be a playable character in DC Universe MOBA Infinite Crisis, and this version of the Amazonian appears to me significantly more bloodthirsty than her old lasso-swinging self. I reckon it’s the bloody great chainsaw-on-a-staff that gives her that look. 

Atomic Wonder Woman’s game is all based on revs. Landing successful attacks builds revs, and with revs stacked your standard attacks become bigger with better damage output. With revs suddenly Wonder Woman is able to leap into battle, slice an enemy with that chainsaw, and leap away over a wall to safety. She makes a terrific ganker.

As typical of a woman who wears very little into battle, Atomic Wonder Woman is pretty low on hit points, so she’s definitely a hit-and-run character. Thankfully that chainsaw provides massive damage and escape opportunities.

Infinite Crisis is in closed beta at the moment, and if you’re a part of it you can play as Atomic Wonder Woman from August 21st. If you’re not signed up but fancy a whirl with the Amazonian princess, you can sign up for beta access at the Infinite Crisis beta application page. Alternativley if you’re attending Gamescom this year, she’ll be playable on the show floor.