Infinite Crisis introduces Gaslight Joker: a Victorian serial killer butcher with pet rats


In the latest Champion Spotlight video for DC Comics MOBA Infinite Crisis, Warner Bros. focus on a Clown Prince of Crime less well known. Gaslight Joker is a serial killer from the streets of Victorian Gotham, and as such comes with a range of attacks a little more gruesome than smile gas and pencils. 

Based on the version of the Joker seen in the Gotham by Gaslight comic, Gaslight Joker is a butcher gone mad. An actual butcher of animals as well as men, he’s sporting a fine stained apron and a mighty large meat cleaver to complete the look. His attacks leech life as opposed to magic points or stamina, so thankfully the passive ability Blood Money – which regenerates health when picking up credits – should help keep that resource fully stocked.

Fetid Cleaver is certainly Gaslight Joker’s most interesting attack, which does damage based on maximum health, meaning in the late stages of the game this ability could be devastating. If carving skulls isn’t quite your kind of thing though, you could always make use of Gaslight Joker’s horde of plague rats, which slow enemies and keep them within your grasp.

If you’d like to try your hand at the superhero MOBA, you can apply for the Infinite Crisis closed betanow.