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Swamp Thing sprouts into Infinite Crisis

infinite crisis swamp thing dc turbine

The roster of DC heroes in comic book MOBA Infinite Crisis grows ever larger this month with the addition of Swamp Thing. Made famous by a phenomenal run of stories by Watchmen’s Alan Moore in the 1980s, Swamp Thing is a hulking giant formed of vegetation with a mighty fist but honorable nature. 

His inclusion in Infinite Crisis offers up a new hero with strong brawling abilities, and the voice of Star Trek’s Worf.

Swamp Thing’s abilities germinate from his power over plant life. He can fire out two vines to deal damage to two different enemies, or fire both at a single enemy to root them in place. A husk can be summoned which acts as a sight enhanced for long distance planning, and also a teleport beacon that Swamp Thing can catapult himself towards for long-distance movement.

The bio-formula that runs through Swamp Thing’s veins helps him heal a proportion of any damage taken, but using his ultimate Warrior King skill offers a substantial heal as well as a massive sword for a short period that causes huge damage and slash damage to other heroes.

Voice acting for Swamp Thing comes courtesy of Michael Dorn, the nice chap that played Worf the Klingon in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Swamp Thing will be added to Infinite Crisis’ hero roster on December 17th.