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Free Steam keys: Win a code to get locked up with the suffocating horrors of Inmates


Why are you locked up in a prison? Not you specifically, but the poor bloke you play as in Inmates – Jonathan’s his name. He wake up in a horrific cell, terrified and confused, and yet there’s something eerily familiar about the place. Is this perhaps a nightmare?

That is one of the questions you will be looking for an answer to as you move Jonathan around that wretched place, looking for an exit. Unfortunately, Inmates is a psychological horror game so you can guarantee that Jonathan – and therefore yourself – isn’t in for an easy ride.

Over the course of the game’s four-hour play length, you can expect for Jonathan’s psyche to deteriorate, his sanity at its last threads, as disturbing imagery and difficult puzzles get in his way. Jonathan does have a voice on an old radio to help guide him a little but its main function is to assure him that not everything is as it seems. Oh yeah, real comforting that, eh?

If you’re into your horror and puzzle games then Inmates should be right up your dark and dank alley. You can buy it on Steam right now but we’re also giving away 50 keys for it right here. If you want to be within a chance of winning one then you should enter the competition via the widget below.

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