Psychological horror game Inmates leaves you wondering how you ended up in prison

Inmates game

Inmates has one of the better game taglines I’ve seen – “The most disturbing thing about Jonathan’s nightmare is that he may not be dreaming.” It sets up the extremely dark, claustrophobic, and clumsy nature of Iceberg Interactive’s latest announcement very well, as you can see in the trailer above.

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Coming to Steam in “the next few months,” Inmates clocks in at three to four hours in length and will cost just $9.99. While clearly there isn’t a lot of gameplay in the trailer above, the screenshots show a beautiful take on a rotting prison, complete with supernatural hangings and beasties to be afraid of.

Your main man Jonathan has no idea how or why he got imprisoned, and escaping is his priority, along with discovering the “dark secrets” of this particular metal-barred hole, all supported by a mysterious voice on the radio. Along the way I’d expect him to find out that, not only is this not a prison, but he definitely deserves to be there. Call it an indie game hunch.