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Inside devs partner with sex doll makers for a $375 collector’s edition that’s probably disgusting

inside collector's edition

Playdead are the developers behind the haunting indie platformers Limbo and Inside. Iam8bit are a company that specialize in videogame collectables including vinyl soundtracks and physical releases of otherwise digital games. RealDoll are manufacturers of life-size silicone sex dolls. All three are collaborating on a collector’s edition for Inside.

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The Inside Collector’s Edition will include a PlayStation 4 game disc, as well as Steam codes for both Inside and Limbo. In addition to that, the box will include “other stuff.” The package costs $375, and the shipping information mentions that it weighs “a surprising amount.”

The other stuff is intentionally left mysterious, with the store page saying “We will NOT tell you what it is.” If you’ve played Inside to completion, you may be aware of what a manufacturer specializing in life-like approximations of flesh and bone could create from the game. “Maybe it’s what you’re thinking… maybe not.”

I don’t know what you’re thinking, but what I’m thinking is clearly displayed in silhouette form on the mockup of the box, and I would not want to touch it, have it in my home, or in any way consider the existence of version created using sex doll materials.

Pre-orders will last through June 8, after which they’ll be cut off forever, and there are no plans to reveal the final contents before shipping. I am terrified by the prospect of the unboxing videos which await.