Inside gets a Steam demo


Playdead’s Inside, a kind of spiritual sequel to Limbo, is a weird game, but it’s definitely one that’s worth playing. I’ve seen people hail it as the best thing of all time, while others have taken a dump on it from a very great height. I sit somewhere in the middle. This divide may have put some people off picking it up, along with its short runtime, but now you can try before you buy, as there’s a demo on Steam.

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Just head to Inside’s Steam page and click the download button. RPS say that the demo is 1.2GB and kicks things off at the start of the game – a high octane chase sequence through some grim woods.

A DRM-free version of the game also hit GOG this week, though there’s no demo there. Additionally, Playdead have removed the Denuvo Anti-Tamper tech from the Steam version.

You can read more about Inside in our list of the best horror games. If you prefer watching things to reading or playing, you can see the opening section in our short let’s play series, the first of which I have embedded below.