Playdead CEO leaves Inside and Limbo studio in search of “new challenges”

Inside Playdead

Dino Patti has only overseen two games during his near-decade at Playdead, but they’ve cast a long shadow – and not only because Inside has a penchant for dramatic lighting.

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Though their puzzles may be simple, Limbo and Inside work wonders with both style and substance, tying gruesome animation to existential themes. Having left his mark, Patti is now ready to move on.

Patti has sold his shares to business partner and game director Arnt Jensen, who now leads a studio of 25 people.

“It’s been an amazing journey, where I’ve been lucky to work with some extremely talented people and partners,” says Patti. “I feel that I’m leaving the company in a state where it can definitely manage itself, and I wish the best of luck to Arnt and the rest of the team in the future.”

Patti and Jensen founded Playdead in Copenhagen in 2006; Limbo came out in 2015, and Inside just this month. Every game represents a huge chunk of its creators’ lives, so it’s small wonder that Patti might want to try something different – even with the success of Inside still resounding.

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