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Intel’s mobile Coffee Lake gaming chip is 35% faster than the last gen

Intel mobile Coffee Lake

The upcoming Intel Coffee Lake Core i7 8850H has appeared on our favourite leaky benchmarking software database, SiSoft Sandra. This high-performance six-core mobile processor will likely launch sometime in the next few months, assumedly alongside Intel’s eighth generation Coffee Lake refresh.

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Intel’s i7 8850H features six-cores and twelve-threads of the 14nm++ architecture. It is running at the previously suspected 2.6GHz base clock and features 9MB of L3 cache.

While the SiSoft Sandra listing doesn’t offer all the pertinent information on the chip, previous leaks indicate this chip will feature an all-core boost clock of 4GHz and a single-core boost of 4.3GHz. Supposedly, this chip will also come packaged with Intel’s UHD Graphics 630. We also still have no confirmation on the 45W TDP from previous leaks, but that is the traditional high-end mobile TDP from Intel’s side so they’re unlikely to want to force manufacturers to upgrade their notebook cooling with a higher rating.

Intel Coffee Lake die

Intel’s somewhat comparative front-runner Kaby Lake chip, the i7 7820HQ, scores around 117.78GOPS in processor arithmetic benchmarking, compared to the 159.21GOPS posted by the i7 8850H. The Coffee Lake is certainly throwing its extra four threads around compared to the i7 7820HQ’s four-cores and eight-threads. In multi-media testing, the i7 8850H scores 373.98Mpix/s compared to the i7 7820HQ’s score of 347.32Mpix/s.

The true mobile flagship for Intel’s Coffee Lake refresh incoming will be the i9 8920HK. This chip should support full overclocking, indicated by the K suffix, and will also feature six-cores and twelve-threads. It will be clocked higher than its i7 sibling, coming in at 2.9GHz base clock, 4.3GHz for all-core boost, and 4.8GHz single core boost.

These processors are expected to launch in the next few months. Some early leaks from retailers have potentially pegged a Valentine’s Day launch for the desktop processors – although so far no word on mobile. Intel’s roadmaps indicate a March to April launch window, so it may possible that some OEM laptops start to launch around this time featuring the new flagship Coffee Lake mobile chips.