Unreleased Intel 14th gen processors flood the Chinese market

The Intel Core i3 14100, i5 14400F, i5 14500, and i5 14500T have all been spotted on Goofish, China's second-hand buying and selling site.

Intel 14th gen Chinese black market leak: an Intel Core chip appears amidst a web of orange wiring.

Several unreleased Intel processors, including the entry-level Intel Core i3 14100, have been seen on China’s second-hand site, Goofish. It’s not unusual for the occasional copy of a pre-release product to be sold online, but the sudden appearance of several models at once suggests new Intel 14th gen CPUs product launches could be approaching.

As expected, the Intel 14th gen launch was led by the overclockable ‘K’ models, including the Core i9 14900K, Core i5 14600K, and Core i7 14700K. It was anticipated that non-K models would arrive sometime in late 2023 or 2024.

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Well, they’ve hit the market much earlier than rumored, but not in the way you might expect. German hardware site Computer Base spotted an Intel Core i3 14100, i5 14400F, i5 14500, and i5 14500T for sale on Goofish. Since the Intel 13th gen’s BIOS is already available, these models will be usable straightaway.

A likely explanation is that Intel is sending out review samples of its upcoming processors to media entities in China, and these samples have found their way onto the second-hand platform via would-be reviewers looking to make a quick buck.

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