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New Intel Arc Battlemage GPU specs leak with benchmarks

B-Series graphics cards equipped with Intel's next-gen Xe2-HPG have appeared in the SiSoftware database, revealing their VRAM and more.

Intel Arc Battlemage key art, shifted to a blue hue, with graphics cards serving as their pauldrons

There’s still no official word on what shape Intel Arc Battlemage will take, nor when they will arrive, despite the two-year anniversary of Alchemist fast approaching. The troubled launch of its A-Series GPUs has likely, and understandably, caused Intel to take a cautious approach with any future graphics card announcements, but a benchmark leak has given us our first glimpse at the company’s B-Series.

While the Alchemist GPUs have clearly improved since release, they’re still not ready to take up spots on the best graphics card stage. Intel could change its fortunes through Battlemage, though, as it shouldn’t face nearly as many issues with compatibility or drivers at launch.

Two such Battlemage graphics cards have broken cover as new entries in the SiSoftware benchmark database. The listings contain specification data including Xe core counts, clock speeds, and VRAM capacity.

Arc Battlemage GPU #1 Arc Battlemage GPU #2
Xe Cores 24 20
Vector Engines 192 160
L2 cache 8MB 8MB
VRAM 11.6GB (12GB) 11.6GB (12GB)
Clock speed 1.8GHz 1.8GHz

Both graphics cards are unnamed, sharing the same Result ID of ‘Intel(R) Graphics d gfx-driver-ci-master-16050 DCH-D’ with spec information contained in subsequent brackets. They are each equipped with 8MB of L2 cache, 12GB of VRAM, and a 1.8GH clock speed, but differ in Xe Core count and Vector Engines.

As WCCFTech highlights, both of these graphics cards perform worse than the Intel Arc A750 in SiSoftware’s Sandra GP benchmark, scoring 7,231 and 6,030 in comparison to the the A750’s score of 9,927. However, it’s entirely possible we could be looking at lower tier cards or see performance greatly improve with further driver optimizations.

The proposed Arc Battlemage release date is still many months away and the graphics card market could look very different for the series by the time it arrives. That is if the RTX 50 series and RDNA 4 GPUs don’t face any unexpected delays, of course.