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Grab a 1-up for your CPU with Intel’s brand new automated overclocking tool

The Intel Performance Maximiser software is now available to download for free

Intel Performance Maximiser

The Intel Performance Maximiser software is now available to download. This free automated overclocking tool allows any owner of an unlocked K-series Intel 9th Gen Core processors to dynamically overclock their processor without a second glance to the BIOS menu.

Intel’s overclocking software will push your chip to its rated limits, increasing clock speeds, all the while retaining a careful and delicate balance between voltage and temperature. The software will feel out your silicon’s potential along the way, recording all the necessary data from your 9th Gen processor for the best configuration. With all that data in hand, Intel’s Performance Maximiser software will create a bespoke overclock profile tailored to your chip.

The software cuts out any of the clock speed multipliers or voltage tweaks that’s part and parcel with overclocking. Motherboards often offer similar automated overclocking tools – some even powered by AI – and we’ve always found that manual overclocking will result in higher stable clocks. Nevertheless, the simpler the process, the higher the chance a user will opt to try it out.

Also as a part of Intel’s renewed push to win favour with enthusiasts is the Performance Tuning Protection Plan. Pushed your chip too far? Not to worry, Intel allows for a one-time return if your IPM qualifying processor is damaged in the overclocking process. That takes a little of the stress out of the process.

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Regardless of any additional safety nets we always recommended you err on the side of caution when messing about with voltages. Hubris has been the death of many a CPU, trust.

The software is available to download from Intel’s website, and will work with any of the following processors:

  • Core i9 9900K
  • Core i9 9900KF
  • Core i7 9700K
  • Core i7 9700KF
  • Core i5 9600K
  • Core i5 9600KF

Automated overclocking tools are not a new concept in the market, and many motherboards offer this functionality out of the box. But evidently Intel is hoping to win over enthusiasts with its latest push into the still relatively niche overclocking market. It’s a market that AMD has been attempting to corral with the Ryzen Master overclocking tool and its vocal adoption of soldered heat spreaders.