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Earthworm Jim, MDK & more: Interplay are selling the 90s IPs you always said you'd play

Interplay IP sale

Remember Interplay? They published everything from Baldur’s Gate to Virtual Pool back in the 90s. Along with hosts of licensed games they had a few of their own IP and now they’re looking to sell. While the financial implications aren’t particularly relevant to you and me, the possibility of new games in some classic franchises is. We’ve picked out a few highlights it would be interesting to see more of.

Which classic PC games would you like to see have a revival?

Earthworm Jim is probably the most notable. The original creators of the surprisingly good platformer went on to make Armikrog, but it’s a highly recognisable character that could easily make a comeback in the right hands. Alternatively: farmed off for mobile games.

Descent is in there too, which various indie devs have tried Kickstarting spiritual successors to over the years. While a little more niche than Jim would be, there’s a massively dedicated audience there and waiting for a six-degrees-of-freedom followup with a recognisable title.

Beyond that, MDK and Giants (of Citizen Kabuto fame) both stand out. Both fit into that category of very ambitious, deeply flawed 90s games from back when the limits of 3D tech and game design were neither found nor understood. Kingpin is within that sphere as well, though remembered more for its endless swearing.

Freespace 2

Finally there’s Freespace. Give us a new Freespace, somebody, anybody. A nice big campaign of space shoot missions, none of this trading nonsense. Capital ships warping in, space stations exploding, you know the drill.

Past that, you can see the full list over in the announcement. What would you like to see make a comeback? Let us know below.

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NathSB avatarBen Barrett avatarsh4rp3r avatarMatso avatar
sh4rp3r Avatar
1 Year ago

And a 2D Earthworm Jim (Rayman Origins style).

sh4rp3r Avatar
1 Year ago

I want MDK 3!

Matso Avatar
NathSB Avatar
1 Year ago

Freespace 2 was absolutely awesome. Still have the occasional nightmare of destroying a Shivan(?) capital ship and having more warp in and shred my squadron. To this day, I still don't know exactly how to complete that mission.

I'm still craving a new Freelancer, or a refurbished/digital release of the old one more, though.

Few other games have come close to the amount of fun I had with Freelancer, and in that universe. Still boot it up now and again, and it's always just as fun as I remembered.

Ben Barrett Avatar
1 Year ago

I want a new Starlancer because I am That Guy.