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Interstellaria embarks on its mission this July


Interstellaria is not, as I first assumed, a space-set variant on Terraria. Instead it actually looks far closer to the likes of FTL. Taking command of a fleet of ships, the side-scrolling retro-looking sandbox has you managing crews and exploring the galaxy. Unlike FTL, your crew can land planetside and disembark for all kinds of fun. 

Let’s just hope the wardrobes don’t contain only red shirts. 

The Starship Troopers parodying trailer shows off the multiple elements of Interstellaria’s gameplay, from moving crew members from room to room on a chunky space cruiser, to exploring hostile lands inhabited by dinosaur-alien things.

It certainly seems like the game is a galactic sandbox full of possibility, and developer Cold Rice Games will place the game on sale on Steam for just £6.99 on July 17th.

Thanks, PC Gamer.