Into the Black is a VR game with an origami aesthetic about escaping a famous wildfire

Into the Black

The best thing about VR is how it can transport you to another world. These don’t all have to be about hyper realism, though – why not whisk us somewhere completely alien? Into the Black dares to take us some place different, transporting us to the infamous wildfires at Yellowstone National Park, albeit in a world made of origami. All that paper shouldn’t be near fire, surely. 

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Narrated by Nigel Barber (Spectre, Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation) and backed by an original score, you assume to role of a spirit guide sent to help a red fox and a grizzly bear, both of whom need to work together to escape the inferno.

Into the Black

It won’t just be fire the duo has to contend with – the fire has put Yellowstone out of balance and forced a mass migration into the hunting grounds of the Druid Wolf pack. These pack predators will be hunting them down, and man is also using the fire as a mask, searching through the park with bad intentions.

Into the Black is an episodic game. The team intend to release the first part in early 2017.