Intrigue and explosions abound in the latest BioShock Infinite trailer


Did you know that BioShock is Earth’s ‘highest rated shooter of all time’, and presumably has been for the last of its five or six of its annual cycles? It stands to reason, considering its place at the pinnacle of pop culture, and also to maths – the game’s unfeasibly high Metacritic score is publishers’ dream-stuff. But it’s another thing altogether to see it written there in a stark, capitalised serif font at the beginning of its second sequel’s new trailer.

Of all time. I bet this one’ll be good too. Let’s see if we can glean any more of what Ken and co. have in store for us, shall we?

Columbia is at once paradise, ark, hell and Icarus-like folly. It’s also nearly as compelling an idea as Andrew Ryan’s soggy free market hideaway, I’ve decided.

Our Steve got hands-on with BioShock Infinite lately. He returned with digits covered in blisters andsores, but grinnedfor days afterwardslike a man who habitually consumes faeces.