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Introducing Portal: The Board Game, the work of an ex-Zynga lead designer


Seth Sivak was a lead game designer at social games monolith Zynga before the fall, responsible for Indiana Jones Adventure World. Now he’s CEO of Proletariat Inc., a studio which makes iOS games with names like Letter Rush.

But before all that, in a game design class at grad school, he made Portal: The Board Game.

Created in 2008, the game was an early example of the now-popular trend for 3D printed board games. That means you can download its rules, its cute Companion Cube dice and the board viaDropbox on MightyMega.

The aesthetic similarity to Snakes and Ladders is reflected in the game itself, we’re told, though non-linear paths across the board encourage players to weigh up risk and reward. Entering Portals will require the player to roll the dice; if they roll low, they’ll go back to the start. Bit harsh.

The endgame? The cake, of course.