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Play as Overwatch’s Sombra and Widowmaker in Invisible Inc

Invisible Inc Overwatch mod

Klei are one of the most talented indie studios around, consistently putting out quality games and always in a completely different genre: Mark of the Ninja, Don’t Starve, and Invisible Inc to name a few. Invisible Inc is essentially XCOM with spies, and it’s flipping great. Thanks to mods, you can now infiltrate corporations in its turn-based maps with Sombra and Widowmaker from Overwatch. 

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Not only is the art fitting of Invisible Inc’s distinct style, with the character models tweaked to suit, but these heroes are more than just skins. Each plays completely differently, coming with their own mechanics and adding to an already robust strategy game.

Widowmaker stalks around with infrared vision and a long-range rifle, while Sombra can teleport around with her translocator and knock out electronics with her EMP.

Talon Recruitment, as it’s called, is a super impressive and professional-looking mod, and it’s easy to add to your game because it’s available on Steam Workshop. Check out the trailer above for a quick look.

Thanks, Kotaku.