At it again: Double Fine seeks backers for new Kickstarter, no nostalgia required this time


Double Fine are easily the most recognised success story when it comes to gaming Kickstarters. Somewhat inevitably they’re at it again, before their previous project has even got out the door. This time no 90s point-n-click nostalgia is required, since Massive Chalice is not a spiritual successor to anything, but a brand new concept entirely: an epic, generation-spanning fantasy tactics game. It sounds ambitious, fantastic, and totally worth your curiosity.

Double Fine is obviously a much larger studio than just a handful of uber-creative types, so whilst team one works away on original Kickstarter project Broken Age, team two want to get to work on Massive Chalice. This gang is led by Brad Muir, who was a programmer on Psychonauts, designer on Brutal Legend, and creator of Iron Brigade. His vision is to create a turn-based tactical strategy, similar to X-COM, that spans over multiple generations, and requires you to plan not just for the next battle, but for battles that will be fought by your warrior’s grandchildren in 100 years time. Yes, this is one epic concept.

Watch the Kickstarter pitch video for the full picture on the concept. It’s both informative of the game idea and super funny (it even contains an Arrested Development season 4 gag for bonus points). If Massive Chalice sounds like something you’d be playing in your ideal future, throw your money at Double Fine at their Massive Chalice Kickstarter page.