Jade Empire free on Origin via cut-price Bioware ninjas On The House program


EA’s On The House program has been providing free games every so often via Origin, including Dragon Age: Origins and Dead Space. Now the latest has popped up and it’s another of Bioware’s RPGs, Jade Empire, set in a world inspired by ancient China.

Looking for something to tide you over until pay day? The best free PC games are what you need.

You just need an Origin account and this handy link to get the game license. It should run on just about anything capable of rendering a 2015 web page, but is a few gigs so you might not be able to get playing right away. It won’t be available forever, so get it now if you think you’ll ever have an interest.

As far as Bioware games go, it’s not my favourite, never managing to power past the opening section. Below Mass Effect, Dragon Age and Neverwinter Nights it ranks for me, but that hardly puts it in bad company. I also think it’s the weakest of the games EA have offered for free so far, but it’s difficult to go wrong with originally full-priced games now being given to you for zero dollarpounds and zero pennycents.

Thanks, Polygon.