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James Bond games disappear from Steam and Activision store


Something odd’s happened to Activision’s catalogue of middling-to-good James Bond games. Apropos of nothing, the three most recent Bond games have been removed from both Steam and Activision’s own online store.

Neogamr noticed the absence of Treyarch’s Quantum of Solace, the late Eurocom’s 007 Legends, and the similarly dodo’d Bizzare Creations’ Blood Stone on Steam. A search by Eurogamer, meanwhile, confirmed that all three games are missing from the Activision web marketplace too.

James Bond license was previously licensed to EA, and acquired six years ago by Activision in a deal with MGM and EON expected to run until 2014. Lately though, the Call of Duty publisher has taken the explicit policy of pursuing fewer projects, with higher profit margins. And last year’s 007 Legends slipped out of sales charts all too quickly.

If they don’t come back, will we miss them? Blood Stone was really rather good, or so I’m told.