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Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture composer Jessica Curry to host videogame music show

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If you live in the UK, you might be familiar with Classic FM, a music station dedicated to orchestral tunes. In high school, we used to have to listen to it in isolation, as a punishment. With age, I’ve grown to enjoy classical music. It’s great for writing. Plus, Classic FM often drops videogame soundtracks right into your earholes, from Skyrim to Final Fantasy. 

We don’t have an article about videogame music, but we’ve got a lovely one on Skyrim mods if you fancy some extra reading. 

Jessica Curry from the Chinese Room is set to host a show on the radio station for six weeks, starting April 22, 9pm-10pm, UK time. The BAFTA winner’s show will be highlighting some of the best videogame music.

“Fourteen years ago, Classic FM became the first station to broadcast a weekly national radio programme dedicated to film music,” says a note on the Classic FM website, via PCGamer. “Now, we’re launching the UK’s first weekly radio series dedicated to symphonic videogame music.”