Walking with dinosaurs in Jurassic World Evolution’s first gameplay trailer

jurassic world evolution gameplay trailer

Frontier have released the first in-game footage of Jurassic World Evolution, their management game set in the Jurassic Park universe. The footage doesn’t go super deep into the game’s mechanics but we get a good overview of its tropical world, see many dinosaurs roaming the park, and even get hints at how the creatures will interact with one another.

The footage is a montage of shots of the park, showing some of its structures, but the real focus is on the dinosaurs inhabiting the attraction. We see herds of brachiosaurus, packs of velociraptor, and of course a towering T-Rex.

There are still loads of questions about how the game will play, and what your role as park manager will let you dictate, but it’s lovely seeing the wildlife in action. Dinosaurs are obviously central to a Jurassic Park game and Frontier looks to be doing a great job of capturing them.

There are hints in the video of how the creatures will interact with one another and that’s something I’d like to know a lot more about – the dinosaur ecosystem. Will we see the carnivores hunting the herbivores?

We’ll have more details about Jurassic World Evolution later today.