Just Cause 2 multiplayer mod beta coming tomorrow, 8am GMT


YouTube has been awash lately with filmed good times from the last Just Cause 2 multiplayer mod beta; a rolling montage of unfeasible feats conducted using a combination of grappling hooks, military jets and oversized bottles of propane gas. Now another has been announced, for tomorrow morning –  scarcely enough time to pack thousands of parachutes into a tiny, tiny backpack.

Public beta opens tomorrow at 8am GMT, and will run for the next 48 hours.

Just Cause developer Avalanche are “thrilled” with the mod, and have pledged to integrate something similar if the game ever gets another sequel.

I’ll be up at the crack of eight to jump in, open a parachute, close it, attach myself to a distant motorbike and drive it off a cliff to my death. Will you?