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Just Cause 2 Multiplayer update adds Steam Achievements, now in public beta

Just Cause 2 multiplayer beta

Just Cause 2’s mad multiplayer mod has just undergone a massive upgrade, bringing it to version 0.2. The dev team claim it to be their “biggest, baddest, most awesome” update, with lots of bug fixes and new features. 

Key among the changes are scriptable NPC actors, civilian models, depth rendering, basic unicode support, a new main menu, and – now it’s an official Steam game – Steam Achievements.

All these changes can be used now in an early access public beta, so the curious, scripters, and hosters can give everything a go and a poke before the final version is deployed. You’ll need to opt in for this on the Betas tab – otherwise you’ll remain on version 0.1.4.

The full changelog, with details on every bug fix, can be found here.