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Just Cause 4’s extreme weather systems won’t clash, “each extreme weather is bound to a biome”

Just Cause 4's tornado won't go into the desert, and the sandstorm will stay in its corner of the map

Just Cause 4

You may have hoped that the extreme weather events in Just Cause 4 could meet and combine their destructive awesomeness – the whirlwind pulling enemy jeeps up into the air and flinging them into a lightning storm – unfortunately, that’s not going to happen: each weather system will stick to its specific biome.

“Frankly, no,” Just Cause 4’s creative director Francesco Antolini said when we asked him about whether weather systems could clash. “Each extreme weather is bound to a biome and this is for various reasons, it’s mostly for the sake of variety and to give a strong identity to each event and the biomes.”

While that may seem to be a less exciting world, it makes a good deal of sense for both the sake of complexity but also for making sure each weather system has a distinct flavour. And, considering they each live in different biomes, it should mean that as you move from one terrain type to another at the back of your mind you’ll be aware of what threat you’re travelling into.

Personally, I’m most excited to fly into the tornado with my wingsuit.

You can hear Antolini talk about that and more in our interview:

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I’m a huge fan of Just Cause 3 and its frankly ridiculous destruction, the suggestion from all of the trailers for Just Cause 4 so far is that it’s only going to get significantly more explosive in the sequel.