Nvidia’s 359.06 WHQL game-ready driver is a soothing balm for Just Cause 3, Rainbow Six Siege

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NVIDIA have been working their bright green socks off to provide game-ready drivers for this winter’s big triple-A releases, and that effort continues today with the release of their 359.06 display driver. It’s intended to optimise performance in the resource-hungry open world festival of the ridiculous that is Just Cause 3, and Ubisoft’s tactical multiplayer FPS Rainbow Six Siege.

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Just Cause 3 bestows abslutely sprawling mediterranean vistas on your grateful eyes, and as a result requires a hefty GPU to carry the load – NVIDIA recommend a GTX 970 at 1080p – so most gamers are going to be glad of any performance gains they can get, however marginal. Usually game-ready drivers such as this imrpvoe frame rates by about 10-20%.

As I found in our Rainbow Six Siege PC port review, the game actually runs fairly smoothly without NVIDIA’s bespoke driver, but there are frame dips even when a GTX 980 ti is powering the action. Let’s hope the new driver addresses that.

You can access the driver either via GeForce Experience, or NVIDIA’s official site. This will be one of the last driver releases you’ll have the luxury of choosing where to download from, though – soon you’ll be required to register with GeForce Experience for regular driver updates.