Kanye West is making a videogame about his dead mother riding a flying horse into heaven

Only One Kanye West

As Kanye West continues to conquer entrepreneurialism in an everlasting quest to prove that he ain’t a Gold Digger, the multi platinum-selling rapper has announced plans to launch a videogame. Called Only One – which is the same name of his 2014 song with Paul McCartney – the game has a teaser trailer which is about his deceased mum and her journey to heaven. And it actually looks not half bad. 

I bet Kanye knows our list of best PC games off by heart.

There’s not much to go on yet, but just prior to unveiling the game at a recent fashion party, West said: “I worked on a videogame that I wanted to show y’all. The idea of the game is my mom traveling through the gates of heaven.” He then ran this:

Obviously there’s no game footage there – it seems Only One is more a concept than an actual game at this stage – however the animations look nice. Not to stereotype, but compare this idea – thematically and visually – to the console games that one-time rival of similar employment 50 Cent released into the world.

Then again, I’ve no idea what Only One will be like further down the line. In any event, it’s probably unlikely to include microtransactions, given West’s outburst on Twitter last year:

Kanye microtransactions

So, based on the little we’ve got now, would you buy Only One? If you need help deciding, just think: what would Yeezus do?