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This gamer mum review bombs her son for neglecting household chores

Point & Clickbait

Unlike 'uncool' mums who don’t 'get' what it means to be a gamer, local gamer mum Louise Banks isn’t afraid to speak her son’s lingo – and all his friends know it!

While other, out-of-touch parents are mad at their kids for spending too long “on the computer”, Banks is putting her gamer knowledge to good use by review bombing her son Gary, 14, every time he fails to complete a household task.

“Forgot to do the dishes when asked… fucking failure of a son,” reads just one of Louise’s many negative reviews. “Can’t even remember which night he’s supposed to take the bin out,” reads another. “Disgusting idiot. Refund plz.”

With Gary’s friends continuing to mark the reviews as “Helpful” and “Funny”, Louise says she will “always be a gamer at heart” in spite of the 14 year-old’s tearful pleas.

“This is just how gamers communicate,” she explained. “I know that Gary would secretly be upset if I suddenly became some clueless mum who didn’t know anything about gaming.”

“I need to be relatable and fresh if my cancerous, pay-to-win son Gary and I are going to have a good relationship.”

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hfm Avatar
5 Months ago

More true than parody.

Infidel Avatar
5 Months ago

Where are the reviews so that we can see them?

nu1mlock Avatar
nu1mlock(2 hours played)
5 Months ago

They don't exist for real.

braedongm0417 Avatar
5 Months ago

more true than parody.

VladimirDan Avatar
4 Months ago

I thought this was real until I saw the Point & Clickbait end thing.