Kerbal Space Program is one step closer to release with this 0.90 “Beta Than Ever” trailer

Kerbal Space Program

There’s a buzz of excitement around the Kerbal Space Program community right now, and it might have something to do with a certain trailer that developers Squad released, showing off the games “release” features. Update 0.90 will mark the games entry into beta, and only a few more decimals off a finished product.

The trailer shows off the games most polished features, such as base building, kerbal skills and experience, a new editor overhaul and a slew of new biomes on all planetary bodies.

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These aren’t the only features coming to Kerbal Space Program: an overhauled aerodynamics system and deep space refueling is already in the works for a post beta release.

And moving past beta and into release, Squad plan to add multiplayer elements to the game after the much anticipated 1.0 update.

We’ll have more info on what’s inside the 0.90 patch once it’s out.