Kerbal Space Program’s first official mod celebrates the football world cup

KSP Kerbin Cup

Space agency simulator Kerbal Space Program has debuted its first official mod for the game, which is in the spirit of the ongoing football world cup. The mod includes various size soccer balls as well as flags for all 32 competing countries. Developers Squad have put up the mod for free via Curse and you can grab it today.

While this is Squad’s first official mod, the community has made a ton more, and you can read about how awesome they are in our Kerbal Space Program review.

Here’s a video from YouTuber Nassault celebrating the mod:

The mod is to be used in the Kerbin Cup: a competition that pits teams from the KSP forums against the KSP subreddit.

“The Kerbin Cup will be a celebration of the Kerbal spirit of innovation – to look after you leap.” the press release announced. “Squad has been hosting a plethora of activities and contests as part of the Kerbin Cup and players have created dozens of YouTube videos to share the fun. Players interested in following the competition on Twitter should search for #KerbinCup. Prizes and details will be revealed throughout the month-long event, which pits teams from the KSP forums and Kerbal Space Program subreddit.”

You can download the mod from Curse here.