Kieru’s a ninja death match where players can hide in plain sight

kieru pine fire studios ninja multiplayer game steam greenlight

At its core Kieru is just a team deathmatch multiplayer game but laid on top of that is a unique art style which changes everything. Kieru’s world is monochromatic – its shadows are pitch black and anything in the light is the purest white. Its two teams, too, are either black or white.

If a white player stands in the light they are effectively invisible; a black player in shadow, similarly, vanishes.

Kieru is a game all about hiding in plain sight.

There’s a third colour in Kieru’s stark world – blood red. Though, to see it you’ll have to get a successful hit on someone. They then start trickling a path of red behind them wherever they go, shattering their ability to hide against the background.

The trailer gets across Kieru’s core concept but I want to get my hands on the game to see how well its first-person melee actually works. The trailer’s central action, of the two ninjas leaping through the air as the camera revolves around them, looks great from the third-person perspective but would it be as thrilling in first-person?

Kieru’s currently on Steam Greenlight where you can give it a supportive vote if you’d like to see it sold in the Steam Store.