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Doom reimagined as a top-down bullet hell shooter you can try now

Blending Doom with bullet hell and hack-and-slash games, the Steam demo for a frenetic new low-poly shooter is available right now.

Kill Knight Steam demo: a knight falling down a red screen

Right, who doesn’t love a good free Steam demo? What about when the game takes inspiration from the likes of Hades, Doom, and Diablo to create a devilishly vibrant universe that begs you to explore it? That’s the best way I can describe Kill Knight, a new hack-and-slash twin-stick shooter that now has a new limited-time demo you simply need to try yourself.

With a truly arresting visual style that’ll put Signalis’ use of deep reds to shame, Kill Knight is shaping up to be one of the best Steam indies this year. Also boasting fast-paced isometric shooter action and a minimalist aesthetic, it’s almost as if Diablo 4, Enter the Gungeon, and Dusk had some sort of eldritch spawn. It’s a hack-and-slash game in every sense.

You take on the role of the eponymous Kill Knight, with one objective: kill the last angel. Battling through five layers of hell in an effort to find this angel, you’re equipped with an array of duel-wielded weapons to mow down the countless creatures of the deep that come your way.

While you can choose between swords, guns, and other upgrades, you’ll really want to keep an eye on your ‘Kill Power.’ The longer you survive the higher your Kill Power goes, in turn increasing your speed and damage, helping you push through each layer of the retro minimalist hellscape.

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If you spilled blood on an M.C. Esher painting while almost smearing it with countless hellish beasts, that’d give you Kill Knight. Don’t ask me exactly why, but literally any game can combine retro, low-poly visuals with a bold color palette and I’ll eagerly push everyone else aside for a front-row seat. No matter the genre, no matter the theme.

The Kill Knight demo is available on Steam right now through Next Fest and until Sunday June 30, you can download it right here. The full game is set for launch sometime in fall 2024.

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