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End of the Line: Killing Floor gets three new maps in free Summer update

Killing Floor: who needs art direction when a great shooter is underlying it all?

A face like Ellen Page’s wandered into The Last of Us, and now something like her voice seems to have turned up in Tripwire’s latest Killing Floor trailer. Not-Ellen-Page is here to talk about End of the Line – a “hefty” Summer update for the unkillable Steam favourite cannily timed to arrive before America’s Fourth of July Weekend.

Expect two new Wave Mode-specific maps – one named ‘Siren’s Belch’, presumably as reassurance that Killing Floor hasn’t lost its taste for gross-out gore. Not convinced? Watch the associated trailer for stomach-turningly strong reaffirmation.

The trailer’s new character, one Rachel Clamely, can be unlocked by completing the new ‘Transit’ map in Objective mode.

That’s all for free – but you can expand the game further with the Neon Characters and Community Neon Weapons DLC packs, which repaint various parts of Killing Floor in bright blues and reds.

When was the last time you took to the Killing Floor? Is it still the go-to co-op shooter it used to be?