King of Fighters Online sheds genre shackles, becomes MOBA


With the MOBA craze now very much level pegging with the Pokemon cards explosion of Y2K, it seems like everyone needs to be a MOBA, even if their genre suggests otherwise. FPS Dead Island is going MOBA, RTS EndWar is (soft of) doing it too, and now fighting game The King of Fighters is having a stab at lane-based battles. 

The King of Fighters Online lifts quite a lot from the League of Legends template by the looks of things, and puts the characters of the 2D side-on fighter into a top-down battle arena. The game is being developed by South Korean studio Dragonfly for the Thailand market, so if your Taiwanese is up to scratch you can head over to the King of Fighters Online website and get the full details.

Despite being in Taiwanese, the game can be downloaded and played regardless of your nationality. Navigate the website and click the big button that looks like a DOWNLOAD HERE sign, and it shouldn’t be too hard for a smart person like you to be kicking ass in a few minutes (give or take depending on local broadband speeds).

Cheers, Eurogamer.