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Dozens of forgotten PC classics have suddenly just been relaunched

More than 20 SNK classics, including The King of Fighters 2003, Samurai Shodown 4, and Metal Slug 4, have come to GOG, and at a discount.

Two dozen PC classics suddenly relaunched: A cartoon samurai, Haohmaru from Samurai Shodown.

SNK, the company responsible for gaming hardware like the Neo Geo, has a massive catalog of fantastic games. Over the decades, it’s created fighting game staples like The King of Fighters, Fatal Fury, and Samurai Shodown and, just as notably, coin devouring shooters like the Metal Slug series. While some of these games, especially more recent launches like King of Fighters XV, have been made available on PC, SNK’s complete portfolio still hasn’t made its way over to the platform as individual entries. Fortunately, though, SNK has just added two dozen of its classics to GOG today at a discounted price.

Among the 24 games added to GOG today are some of the best fighting games ever made. Before SNK put out King of Fighters XV, it was making series like Samurai Shodown, which is represented in the GOG line up by Samurai Shodown 4: Amakusa’s Revenge. Alongside this are other fighters like Kizuno Encounter: Super Tag Battle, 3 Count Bout, The King of Fighters ’97 (Global Match), and The King of Fighters 2003.

A portion of SNK’s beat ’em up catalog has been added, too, with Sengoku and Sengoku 2 coming to GOG along with classic shooters such as Metal Slug 4 and Ghost Pilots. The digital store has also made platform games Top Hunter: Roddy & Cathy and Magician Lord available next to some of SNK’s takes on the sports genre, like Soccer Brawl and Super Sidekicks.

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These new entries to GOG’s SNK catalog are currently available at a discount. In North America and Europe, each of the newly added games is 20% off or $5.99 USD / €5.99 EUR. The United Kingdom gets a slightly diminished 19% discount, which makes the games £3.89. Check out the new SNK additions on GOG right here.

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